NEW Strawberry Cleansing Serum

NEW Strawberry Cleansing Serum

Imagine yourself at the spa getting the most relaxing facial of your life, while enjoying a crisp, juicy strawberry. Now imagine instead of spending hundreds of dollars for that experience, you were just in your bathroom washing your face. Meet: The NEW Strawberry Cleansing Serum. We all know how good strawberries are for our body, with just three meeting our daily intake for Vitamin C, now imagine what it can do when applied to your skin. Hint: think clearer, brighter, and hella moisturized.

Why Strawberry Seed Oil

Produced by cold-pressing all those tiny little seeds you see in strawberries (that are a by-product of the food industry!), strawberry seed oil is packed with amazing skin-loving nutrients like essential fatty acids, tons of antioxidants, vitamin E and C. These powerful nutrients work together to protect your skin from free-radical damage, boost collagen production, as well as brighten your skin and remove imperfections like dark spots over time. Strawberry seed oil is also high in salicylic acid which helps to eliminate dead skin cells and tighten pores making it the perfect choice for cleansing.

If you’re new to oil cleansing and are on the fence about removing oil with oil, bare with us. As we’ve mentioned before in a previous blog post, oil fights oil. Using an oil based cleanser is an extremely effective and nourishing method of cleansing the skin. Instead of stripping your skin of it’s natural oils and protective microbiome with harsh alcohol based cleansers that only end up drying out your face and creating even more oil, the Strawberry Cleansing Serum is going to feed your skin while removing only what doesn’t belong: the excess dirt, oil and makeup. Your skin will be left glowing, hydrated, and oh so clean. 

How To Use The Strawberry Cleansing Serum

Step 1: Apply a 4 - 5 drops to fingertips and massage gently into skin for about 30 second to 1 minute

Step 2: Saturate a washcloth with hot water and gently remove the oil, makeup and any impurities from your face

Step 3: Follow with either the Lavender Rose or Turmeric Sage Facial toner, and then apply your Everyday Facial Oil

Having trouble with blackheads?

We recommend saturating a wash cloth with hot water and letting it sit on your face for 30 second to 1 minute before wiping the oil off. Using the washcloth this way will actually mimic the effects of a facial steam and will open up your pores. The Strawberry Cleansing Serum is going to pull out all of the ‘gunk’ that has gotten stuck in them. Your pores will be smaller and your face even cleaner! Buh bye black heads! 

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