benefits of using oils and how to incorporate oil into your daily routine

benefits of using oils and how to incorporate oil into your daily routine

The day I discovered facial oils, is the day that my love for my skin became real. Like, REALLY REAL. What if I told you that my skincare “routine” consisted of only harsh cleansers and absolutely zero moisturizers until I was probably 25? Yep. That is the scary truth that hurts my face even as I type this. But it’s true. I grew up with naturally oily skin and was always told that oil was bad and I needed to get it off of my face. I thought that putting any type of moisturizer on was unnecessary since my skin already had so much oil on it. But I was wrong. So wrong.

What is Sebum and why do I need it?

The natural oils on our skin, called sebum, are there to ultimately protect our skin and keep it moisturized and healthy. When you are constantly stripping your face of it’s natural oils, it’s going to over compensate by producing more. The more your strip, the more it produces. Over time, this can lead to acne and other pesky skin conditions. Adding a facial oil to your skincare routine can actually help balance out your skin’s natural oil production and therefore lead to healthier, more hydrated and happy skin. It seems counterintuitive to put oil on your skin, I get it, but the simple truth is: oil fights oil.

Are all oils created equal?

Simply put, the answer is no. There are two main things to think about when shopping for a facial oil or serum: Ingredients + Your Skin Type.

1. Ingredients:
Obviously we want to make sure that the oils we are putting on our face are high quality and preferably organic. Our skin is our largest organ and our face is the money maker, am I right? Treat it with the respect it deserves.

Beyond looking for just organic, you want to make sure you’re only putting what’s necessary on your skin. Keep away with anything that includes alcohol, water, or fragrances/perfumes. These are unnecessary and open up a whole other can of worms which leads to preservatives, toxins, and ultimately unhappy skin.

2. Your Skin Type:
This may actually be the most important thing to consider when venturing into facial oils and serums (or any products, really). Different oils contain different properties. Some may be better for dryer skin, others for more oily or combination skin. Read the labels and learn about the products and what skin types they are made for. For instance, one of the main ingredients in the Lumi Everyday Facial Oil is Jojoba oil. Jojoba is actually considered a wax and mimics your skin’s natural sebum which makes it easy to absorb and great for all skin types.

Oil is not something you should be afraid to add to your skincare routine. It is such a powerful tool that can truly help transform your skin.

How to incorporate the Everyday Facial Oil

After cleansing and toning, add 4-5 drops of the cleansing oil to your hands. Massage gently into your skin in small, upward motion circles for about 30 seconds. Allow to soak into the skin completely applying makeup or SPF.

It is worth mentioning, that if you are switching to oils for the first time, you may encounter an adjustment period, depending on how you have treated your skin in the past. You may experience a “purge” where your skin may begin to breakout more than normal as it adjusts to your new skincare routine. Not to worry, this does not happen to everyone and generally does not last longer than a few weeks to a month. Remember, it is important to remain consistent in your new skincare routine to begin seeing results!

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