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5 eco friendly ways to reuse lumi basics jars


The first step to create a more sustainable life is to reduce your waste. At lumi basics we use minimal packaging for all of our products. This includes no outer packaging, and as little plastic as possible. 

The second step is reusing what you have. Below are 5 ways to reuse your lumi basics containers.

1. plant flowers and succulents

We know our jars are so pretty that you just don’t want to throw them out.
Our sugar scrub containers make the perfect little pots. Added bonus, since they are clear you can see through to the soil and roots of your plant babies.
Our toner bottles can be used as tiny vases for flowers and herbs.
Before carefully repotting your plants, simply wash your containers out with warm water and soap to make sure that all of the product is removed. 

2. snack container

We all know that diet affects your skin. Part of eating healthy is planning ahead and having healthy snacks ready to go whenever you need them. Use your Lumi Basics Sugar Scrub glass containers to store your snacks when you are on-the-go.

2. store your toiletries

Glass jars are a stylish and easy way to organize your vanity. Consider using them to store cotton balls, makeup brushes, hair ties, and much more. You may even be able to fit them inside your medicine cabinet.

4. eco-friendly travel set

If you’ve ever traveled by plane before, you already know about the liquid limit. Rather than buying the travel-size for all your full-size products, hold onto your empty lumi basics containers once you finish the product. Wash the container out and store it for when you’re ready. 

5. lumi basics bottle back & label free program

Not sure if any of these upcycle projects are for you but still want to participate? We have the perfect program for you. 

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